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The WCIC offers soybean transformation and gene editing services for the standard Williams82 variety as well as more elite varieties from Illinois such as IL3025N and IL3613N.  All of these are mid/late maturity group 3.  Agronomic data for these IL varieties can be found here:   We are also working to bring online a Minnesota variety (MN1806), a Wisconsin variety (Dane), and a recently released Asgrow variety (A3244).  Robert Stupar (U of MN) kindly provided some single seed decent Williams82 seed to us, which we bulked up in Chile to provide the WCIC with a high quality/purity source of Williams82.  This seed can be purchased in small quantities if needed for research or control use.

We’ve licensed some technologies from private companies to allow us flexibility in offering various techniques to perform these services for academic/non-profit entities.  Biolistic transformation is available for private entities as well.  Our process uses a mature embryo for transformation which reduces the overall time to 6-8 months from start to T1 seed harvest (patent and publication is pending).  This direct shooing method also virtually eliminates any somoclonal variation seen with other types of callus based systems.  We also offer complete vector cloning services to quickly design and construct your vector to ensure quality and compatibility with our system.

Pricing for our services can be found on our Pricing and Payments Page:

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