Facility Details

The Wisconsin Crop Innovation Center (WCIC) is a 100,000 square foot agricultural biotechnology/greenhouse complex. The building houses a state-of-the-art transgenic plant laboratory which supports unprecedented scientific advancement opportunities to improve plants for humans, livestock, and the environment. The Center has approximately 26,000 square feet of highly automated, controlled, and isolated greenhouse spaces, 4,800 sq.ft. headhouse, internal environmental growth areas (including tissue culture and plant growth spaces), numerous research labs, clean rooms, cold seed storage, and other areas ideally set up to create a world class plant R&D and production facility.  Critical equipment and space throughout the facility are monitored and backed up 24/7 to reduce risk to experiments and to ensure that high quality products are consistently delivered to our customers and colleagues.


State of the art greenhouses with Argus controls

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Newer redundant systems; 24/7 Andover critical alarm monitoring; High quality water, air, and ePower backup

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